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Dr. Ewa is a survivor of the cruelty of post war Poland and as a result of the tragedies that her family endured, incuding the brutal torture of her and persecution of her parents, she experienced extreme trauma as a child. As a result of physical and psychological effects of this brutal regime, she developed Fibromyalgia and suffered from constant pain from very early age. Her tenacity and irrepressible spirit led her to become a leading medical researcher in Poland despite her ailments. She was determined to get well and overcome the disease which her own medical science could not heal.

Fibromyalgia for years has been treated symptomatically, with pain relief medications. Because the disease itself generally presents no inflammation, it is difficult for medical practitioners to measure the pain involved and today there are still few total cures available. The symptomatic treatments available involving pain killers last only a few hours, and the pain returns again and again, with no end to the suffering because these chemicals cannot, according to Dr. Ewa, treat the root cause of the disease, which is the result of physical damage coming from mental stress. Psychosomatic originated disease is real disease, it is not just in the mind. It seriously will affect the entire body and may cripple its victims. Yet this field of science is just beginning to be recognized and that is why fibromyalgia patients are still suffering. Until mainstream medicine recognizes the research that mind and body or connected and you cannot treat one without the other, sufferers of these autoimmune diseases will find no complete healing. For now, many sufferers are turning away from mainstream medicine and embracing holism. This book offers you a merging of both. The author is a medical researcher and immunology and the treatments are a combination of both. She does not encourage patients to give up pharmacological treatments but to consider them only a stepping stone. She fills the reader with hope.

Healing Fibromyalgia Body and Mind

How I found my way to health and you can do.

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In this personal journey she reveals how she discovered the whole body approach to holistic healing that involves healing the psyche and the body.  

For Ewa, traditional medicine was not relieving pain... she was in a wheel chair and unable to function. Even simple movements caused excruciating pain. 

Ewa wanted her life back so she finally took control after years of suffering

She also had to overcome the mental anguish of PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome) which for years had a grip on her. The memories of Nazi occupation and the communist rule afterwards, the persecution of her parents, and the constant fear brought on the Fibromyalgia at age 21. Traditional medicines did not work on her, even though she became an immunologist and was doing research on this topic, hoping to find a cure for herself. The disease progressed until she was in a wheelchair. She finally took control years later. She started trying new holistic methods that have worked for centuries and putting her health ahead of everything else.  She also took care of her mind, removing the memories and facing them so they would no longer destroy her health. 

What this guide contains

Fibromyalgia is real. There are physical changes she explains that can be reversed.

In this guide, Ewa shares all her knowledge about Fibro, starting with the medical knowledge and then moving on to the holistic treatments.  She worked on both and finally found the best solution for her.  

In this comprehensive guide you will find:

  • A full description of what fibromyalgia is and how it is diagnosed. Unique details about how the disease changes the muscle mass so it creates real pain.

  • Guidelines for diagnosis

  • Her unique Psychosynthetic approach she uses on patients, that involves both the body and the mind. This technique she used on herself.

  • Patient case studies

  • Treatment and healing methods

  • Holistic treatments

  • Rehabilitation

  • Goodbye to Fibromyalgia

  • Reflections on living authentically

  • Health is my choice

  • Caring for the Psyche

About this guide

This is a guide for those suffering from the diseases, the symptoms of which are difficult to diagnose, and belonging to the group of rheumatic diseases of unknown etiology fibromyalgia. It is based on a real case, and used complementary methods for supporting holistic (overall) health, It incorporates a broad vision of both the causes (roots of the disease), and effects, and a holistic approach to support what was damaged, neglected and ignored and what is still healthy and full of life.

It is also a guide for physicians showing a broader perspective of treatment, not just focusing on symptoms but considering the life history of a patient and their psychological problems. The book both offers hope to improve the quality of life and provides ways to reconnect with the power that heals the root or cause of problems. It also supports readers to make their own decisions and choices concerning their health and disease. 

Ewa Danuta has 2 reviews from clients who have attended her sessions.

"It was delightful to spend time with Ewa in our Coaching circle, and she brought many insights into our one-to-one sessions as well as to the group. She 'walks her talk', weaving all aspects of her life and experience with the skills and awareness she has developed over time, into a beautiful 'synthesis'. She is open and sensitive, focused and clear, with a wonderful vision for the world. I highly recommend Ewa to guide you on your journey back to yourself." -- Morag Paterson Conscious Evolution Coach integral health practitioner MSc MCIPD ITEC AAMET.

"I had the wonderful experience in 2012 and 2013 of having some coaching time with Ewa of the Ewa Bialek Instytut. It was amazing! Ewa is so knowledgeable, has been around the healing modalities as practitioner and author for many years. She is insightful, attentive and focused on the task of bringing out the best in her clients to see them on the path of their healing. I would recommend her services to anyone who is truly interested in going the extra mile on the journey to total wellness". --Sharron Cosgrove MPM, PC, Wakefield, Quebec

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