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Young Adult Science Fiction

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In a world where humans are extinct and robots guard the planet; is there still hope to return to Earth 1, and will they finally take care of it?

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EARTH 1 Return

It is the year 2223. A ship flies over what used to be New York harbor. An eerie abandoned city is now flooded. The statue of Liberty, still visible. No humans can be found. Horrible giant worms attack the visitors when they land on the only remaining building above water, Manhattan College. High on a hill, is still visible to the north of the Statue of Liberty. In a laboratory, they find a robot named Rebekka who holds a recording of the planet’s history. 

Rebekka, the scribe, tells the visitors the story of how the domino effect of global warming and the resulting wars for water and resources, led to the devastation caused by a series of local atomic wars. The radioactivity and pollution led to the destruction of the environment on Earth One. By 2050 there’s mass starvation and lack of potable water. Riots are occurring everywhere as survivors fight for the remaining food and drinkable water. The military all over the world called, Fiefs, has taken command and built strongholds called Fiefdoms. They distribute the remaining food and water to the world populace. By 2054, scientists discover means to convert human waste into food and water capsules. Rebekka describes the attempts of three brave people of 2100 to save the earth – Dr. Alex Mendez, a professor of 20th century history, Dr. Jack Lee, Director of a Physics Laboratory, and Rebekka, the advanced robot. With new time travel technology, Alex and Rebekka return to the year 2003 to warn scientists of the domino effect of climate change and how it will change our future. They want to tell the story to a very influential scientist, Dr. Peter O’Day, to alter his negative opinion of global warming and show them what the results will be. 

EARTH 2 The Battle

The battle of the robots and humans to overthrow the tyranny of the fifths who control human population through fear.  Humans are living underground, and the world has been enveloped in toxic clouds.  Islands have disappeared and the Fiefs now prevent men and women from being together. Anyone who wants to have a child has to have their permission.  Pregnancy is punishable by death. Dr. Mendez and others work to save the earth from this time of darkness.Available through all e-book channels and direct here as a flipbook, check out this great format!

Editorial Reviews

  • "The impending doom of global warming in such novels as Kim Stanley Robinsons' 40 Signs of Rain, Marcus Sedgwick's Floodland, Jay Kaplan's A Chilling Warmth and Kevin E. Ready's Gaia Weeps.

  • Novels like these, based upon real fears, scientific or political predictions or historic patterns, illuminate our society and make effective critiques of it. As Isaac Asimov once said: "It is change, continuing change,
 inevitable change, that is the
 dominant factor in society today.
 No sensible decision can be made
 any longer without taking into 
account not only the world as
 it is, but the world as it will be.

  • Every political leader and business magnate would do well to read science-based literature and keep its insights in mind. " -- Martin Griffiths in a Senior Lecturer at Wales's University of Glamorgan's Center for Astronomy

  • "An exciting futuristic tale about the consequences of global warming escalating into the destruction of our resources. In order to save the earth, scientists from the future travel back to the past to try to change the minds of those who told the public that global warming did not exist. A page-turner with thought provoking information." Lidia LoPinto, Engineer. From the Author In interviews with the media, author Kaplan said, "My first thought after reviewing data regarding global warming was to write a fantasy entertainment that would attract readers from high school and beyond. They are the future spokespersons for the environment.

It is hoped through their efforts that the world will be a better place for our grand, and great- grandchildren."

It is hoped that schools and environmental groups will be interested in A Chilling Warmth. So far, two universities have used this book as part of their curriculum and have purchased lots at a time for their classes. It is a very effective teaching tool as well as entertainment. Now in electronic format, this book will capture the attention of a new generation.

About the Author

I can best outline my life in the context of the recent books that I have published. A book on global warming emphasizes the danger of pollution based on my early training in science, and particularly weather. My second book deals with terrorism and my involvement with the military- Korea, and after 9/11 my tour with the Coast Guard Aux. Murders at the Xanadu which takes place in a cooperative building encompasses my fifty year experience living in a cooperative and my six years as a member of a Board of Directors and its President. Other events in my life: 1. After discharge from military service - 1951, I taught Science and English in H.S. 2. From 1959 - 1987 I was an assistant Principal and Principal until my retirement. 3. During those years, I was also an instructor in English and Rhetoric at a local college I write because I believe I have a message in each of my books. I hope that I can continue to publish in order that I can deliver my messages. Thank you. jay@greenleafpublishers.com

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