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*Second edition released

Rat Island by Jay Kaplan

Another 9/11 attack, and and this time by sea


Second Edition released 2/16/2016

Rat Island explores an attempt by three, wily, well-funded terrorists to infiltrate New York City and detonate an explosive device at ground zero on 9/11. After buying a yacht in Venice, they proceed up and down the Adriatic raising money for their task and eventually sail to City Island, New York.

Meanwhile, a disgruntled Russian atomic scientist buys deadly Polonium 210 to be injected into four missiles, which are then cleverly placed on a freighter in the port of Gdansk. It then sails to New York City and meets up with the yacht. Through devious means, the terrorists are able to place these missiles on a vehicle and into a tunnel under the Hudson River.

The 'good' people who are trying to thwart this plot include three former Seals, one of whom is a vessel examiner with the Coast Guard Aux. and a beautiful undercover Interpol agent aboard the yacht.

Scenes shift from Venice, to an area in Poland where Polonium has been buried, to a secret Laboratory where the bombs are assembled, and finally to City Island, New York. The bombs are secreted in an abandoned hospital on a small island, Rat Island, until they are transported to Ground Zero.

The major challenge for the Seals once they discovered that missiles were aboard the yacht was to find out where they were hidden and ultimately where and how the bombs were going to be exploded.

The climax occurs in a tunnel filled with cars. Will the Seals be able to thwart this terrorist attack?


★★★★★I was irresistibly thinking "I hope there's a movie version". Set in New York City and in places around the globe, it's a gripping and down to earth story with great details of the boroughs and waterways of NYC, as well as the minds of people and terrorists alike, by Christine Yost.

★★★★★ When I read this novel I was literally blown away. The government tells us we are protected by homeland security, but this scenario is doable and believable. The author has an engaging crisp easy to read style, with vivid descriptions of how the terrorist manage to bypass every type of expensive security. Avid Reader.

★★★★★ This was a good story and a fast read. The author doesn't waste any time letting you know exactly what's going to take place and who is going to do it and from that point I was hooked. The characters were all engaging and fit well into the roles they play. Everything was very realistic, even the setting was spot on. I felt like I was watching a movie rather than reading a book. I wish the book had been a bit longer but that 's my only complaint. Overall, I would recommend this one if you have an interest in some good fiction and the 9/11 tragedy. P Benton rated it 5 of 5 stars.

From the Inside Flap

I met Jay at a book convention 10 years ago, and we were both interested in nuclear terrorism. I had published my novel, NUKES by Lidia & Charles LoPinto also under greenleafpublishers.com and he was working at the time on a Chilling Warmth, which deals with nuclear devastation as a result of wars caused by the pressures of global warming. How can two dystopian writers become friends and colleagues? Well, we are not as depressed or down on life as our novels might sound. In fact, we both shared a very optimistic view of life and the world, a world we want to preserve for our children and grandchildren. We are just "regular" people that want to bring common sense to a world filled with contradictions and we all love writing.

Jay has an advanced degree in biology, and spent time in Korea, and is still today, at 88 as of 2015, still able to park as disabled, due to bullets that injured his leg. He was worked as a soldier, a vessel examiner in Staten Island, a professor in the university, a High School principal, and has lived in Riverdale New York for the last 60+ years. At a building, which is the subject of one his other novels, that he calls the "Xanadu". He loves poetry, literature, and the classics and his books are written in a clear crisp style.

I would encourage you to take samples of his other books, through our exclusive distributor, Amazon. We currently do not sell these books elsewhere, so download a Kindle app to your device. I especially like his new book, Murders at the Little Red Schoolhouse, which actually deals with issues about Vietnam. You can find it by going to his profile or going to our website, again, greenleafpublishers.com/jaykaplan.

Thank you for visiting our Amazon page and let us know what you think. We are running a special. If you would like to send us a written letter that provides comments, the publisher will mail you a copy of the printed book signed by Jay. Thank you again for supporting greenleafpublishers.com and our books.

About the Author

Jay Kaplan is a retired professor of English and Communications from Bronx Community College. He has written three books published by greenleafpublishers.com.


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