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O’Day Mysteries BOOKS 1 & 2

From the author of Rat Island, a popular thriller about 911, and Earth 1 & Earth 2, Science Fiction fantasy about Global Warming, this murder mystery also takes place in 911.  The sleuth is Lt. Antonia O’Day, an Iraqi veteran who lost her leg in the war. But her injury does not stop her brilliant mind from being a top investigator.

Book 1: Two exciting episodes

  • Episode 1: A series of gruesome murders take place in The Xanadu, an 11 story coop apartment, with intriguing characters. This murder mystery has a warning. If you live in a coop, you'll be watching your back with every step.  Based on his own coop apartment in Riverdale, a neighborhood of the borough of the Bronx, New York, this mystery will keep you gasping for breath and wondering who could have done it, and why. You will never really do laundry again without wondering who could be lurking in the shadows.

  • Episode 2: At the Little Red School House, an urban school for exceptional Vietnamese students, a series of gruesome murders takes place. Antonia and her staff are back on the case to uncover the culprits. Antonia finds the connection between these murders and those in her prior case, Murders at the Xanadu.

Book 2: Two exciting episodes

  • Episode 3: Antonia and the team investigate a series of gruesome murders of orchestra players. This case comes with links to the classical music played at the show. A “who done it” you won’t want to miss.

  • Episode 4: When young woman reports her father missing, the team finds out his last stop was the Salubrious Motel, a spa that helps obese or underweight people get healthy.  The team decides to take a well deserved vacation and sign up to go to the spa, to investigate the missing person.

About the author and this story...

Jay Kaplan has written several books.   He basis his characters on people he knew and the locations are all places he has visited.  Lieutenant Antonia was modeled after Jay's mom, a brilliant woman who had a leg amputated at age 40.  He told the editor that he knew how she felt bout her disability and what she experienced.

In Murder at the Concert Hall, Jay brings to the reader his love of classical music.  The story contains links to music being played in scenes in the story.  The music is available free from Amazon for Prime members, so a reader of Kindle books can simply link and a new window will open up and the music can be played. This is a good way to mix music and Kindle.

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