Domestic violence happens to the people you would least expect Here is one story of courage and miracles

The author is a domestic violence survivor who for years was plagued by depression from the memories of abuse and family violence due to untreated mental illness (bipolar disorder) suffered by her father. But for a brief period, just at the right time in her life, a miracle dog transformed the family and broke the cycle of family violence. This is a true story of a true miracle, not an inspiring embellished story. It really happened.

She also helps readers understand how certain events can change you and how her faith in God was reaffirmed when witnessing the miracle of healing dogs.

For anyone struggling with dysfunctional family members, domestic violence, emotional abuse, elder abuse and all of the phases that a dysfunctional family goes through, this story will inspire you and help you understand that sometimes help can come from the most unexpected places. You are not alone and there are alternatives. Forgiveness, is possible through faith and understanding.

Note that this story is written in a diary style,  and there are incidents of violence described in this true story that have been difficult for some.  However, if you want to learn more about domestic violence and how it affects ordinary people, please read on.

Deeply moving--a must read!

By Meghan
on December 10, 2013
Format: Kindle EditionVerified Purchase
"As a devout and doting owner of dogs myself (I have four Labs and a Lhasa Apso), I am an instant fan of any dog-related books that appear on the bookshelves. But sometimes, something so staggeringly and deeply moving comes along that you can’t help but talk about how it touched your life. One of such books is Lisa Hendricks’ ‘talking with Dogs: Mystical Dogs that Saved our Dysfunctional Family’.

If you loved ‘Marley and Me’ (starring Jennifer Aniston) or ‘Hachiko: a Dog Story’ (Richard Gere) then you know where I’m coming from regarding Lisa’s book. But ‘Talking with Dogs’ lies on a whole different level of dysfunction—and the eventual fact that dogs eventually saved Lisa’s family’s life and sanity is all the more jaws-dropping. Unlike most normal families, Lisa’s family suffered from constant awfulness brought upon them by his Dad’s mental illness. But right at the moment I started reading the chapter titled “The Miracle Dog”, I started becoming teary-eyed—the author describes her encounter with such honesty and vividness that I could absolutely relate with it. I mean, an adorable dog just appearing out of nowhere and returns home with you and immediately behaves as if he’s been there all his life—if that isn’t the most magical thing, then I don’t know what is. And like my own experience, the dog—now named Lucky—managed to provide a spiritual and emotional balance to Lisa’s previously unstable and abusive home. And I cried, too, in that part when—like all stories involving our beloved canines—Lucky died.

And that’s only the beginning. The author goes on to describe how dogs, at certain points in her family’s life, helped them get through trying times. I can totally relate with this. Ask any true dog lover, and they’ll say their dog is a blessing and a miracle—but the author writing down and sharing her experience in a book like this further validates that fact. Which is my way of saying this is a book that should be on the Kindle or shelf of anyone who loves dogs.

Overall, I love this book to shreds—seriously. I’m saying order a copy of this book—or send this as a wonderful gift to ALL the friends and loved ones you have that also love dogs—I’m absolutely sure they will cherish a book like this. The book also educates people about the sheer positive influence of a dog in a person’s life. I know—I speak from experience. And apparently, this book’s author, too. A resounding five stars for this one."



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